Turkmenbashi International Seaport

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General Cargo Terminal

  • Total area: 216 000 м2

  • Area of the closed warehouse: 26934 м2

  • Area of open warehouse: 75 000 м2

  • Length of parking: 625 meters

  • Parking capacity: 4 ships (5000 DWT)

  • Crane with iron rails: 6 pieces (20 tons)

  • Wheeled crane: 2 pieces (330 tons), 1 piece (84 tons)

  • Trailer: 1 piece (500 tons), 7 piece (60 tons)

General information

The general cargo terminal is designed for cargoes that do not require special care.  The cargo area of the terminal consists of outdoor and indoor sections. In the indoor warehouse area of 26,394 square meters, goods such as cotton and fabric materials which will be damaged under weather conditions are stored. 
In the 75,000 square meter outdoor area of the terminal is intended for the storage of metal and metal-like goods, which would not be damaged under weather conditions.
This terminal utilizes the longest wharf within Turkmenbashi International Seaport. The wharf is 625 meters long and designed to load and unload
four 5000 DWT-capacity ships at the same time. The terminal’s annual capacity is 4 million tons.
6 cranes moving on steel rails designed for 42 tons of have been installed at the terminal. In addition, to li  ultra-heavy cargo, two 330 ton lift-capacity and one 84 ton capacity wheeled port crane were assembled. 
In order to transport the cargoes, one 500 ton capacity heavy-cargo vehicle, seven 60 ton loadcarrying capacity trailers and 9 electric forklifts will serve at the terminal.
One of the important features of the facility is that automated control and operation systems have been set up to keep various cargo under control while loading and unloading on 4 separate ships at the same time. These systems contribute to the smooth and flawless performance of works within the terminal. With a total area of 261,000 square meters.