Turkmenbashi International Seaport

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Ferry passenger terminal

  • Total area: 230 000 м2

  • Capacity: 300 000 passengers/year; 75 000 vechicles/year

  • Length of parking: 256 meters

  • Terminal building: 800 passengers

  • Hotel: 50 places

General information

Passenger and vehicle terminal is located in an area of 230 000 square meters. Terminal is designed to serve 300 000 passengers and 75 000 vehicles per year. Two ships can berth to the wharf at the same time, which is installed at a length of 256 m.
In order to make the terminal more comfortable for vehicles and passengers, the train station is planned at the one side of terminal and bus stations on the other side. Special control center is constructed for vehicles.
The terminal building which has been designed with all the amenities for passengers to make a comfortable journey, has a capacity of 800 passengers. 20 ticket sales, passport control and customs clearance points were placed therein. The technology and customs control equipment installed to provide fast service to passengers at clearance point are produced by the leading companies of the world.
A contemporary hotel with 50 beds was also constructed within the passenger and vehicle terminal. The traveling passengers and the crews of the ships arriving at the port can stay at the hotel.