Turkmenbashi International Seaport

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The new sea port will provide favorable conditions for economic development, modernization of the industrial and transport structure of Turkmenistan,

the creation of new jobs and the attraction of large investments. In order to implement modern and high-quality services of the Turkmenbashi International Sea Port,

candidates will be accepted in numerous fields, masters of their profession.

In the general cargo terminal of the port will work - 265 people.

In the terminal of bulk cargoes- 280 people.

In the cargo and passenger terminal - 243 people.

In the terminal of the container terminal - 512 people.


Information about the vacancy will be listed on this page of the site.​



1. Gantry crane construction supervision engineer

2. Chief Power Engineer

3. Design Engineer

4. Master boiler section

5. Ship Builder

6. Ship lift operator

7. Ship's carpenter

9. Repairman for shipboard electrical equipment

9. The crane driver